Learning is Everywhere: Streets of NYC

This photo was taken July 25, 2021 in New York City, New York, USA.

This photo may seem like a city view at first glance. There are signs in foreign languages. The US can be known as “the melting pot.” There are multiple different cultures, religions, and languages practiced in this country. New York City is a mini “melting pot” because one can walk down a street on the grid and find food trucks, stores, companies, and restaurants with different products and different languages. There are opportunities to learn about the history of these architectural structures and businesses. Lastly, one can learn geography, by walking along the streets of NYC or their area. New York City gets a large amount of tourists every year. They have plenty of opportunities to learn new things and learn from people who they pass on the streets. To fully learn, one must go out on the streets and inquire.

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