Meetings Without Purpose

This picture was a good demonstration of our goal of limiting Gender inequalities and eventually getting rid of it. In this picture i saw the women demonstrate and establish her ideas in a high ranking establishment. If you don’t know what this is , in military school there are people who are in charge with most of them being men . This is one of the meetings where a woman has attended, which is wonderful. In this picture the men look frustrated with what the women was saying but, in my thought process if we equalize the amount of men and women in higher power, the less gender inequalities will occur. In this picture, the men are so used to having their meetings, agreeing with each other and once they see a woman with different views and extremely high potential for great ideas, they’re frustrated. This usually occurs in the basement of the school house , and they have these meetings every Thursday . When i saw this , it was my first time seeing a women and is why in the school most men wear white shirts while , the women wear black. This occurs for the differences to be shown. Having an equal amount of both genders in higher power, can help be open to great new ideas and limit these inequalities. which is one of our goals is to find ways to limit this.

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