Life…will it prevail or will we end it all?

SDG: 6, 13, 14, 15

The Rye Nature Preserve homes many different animals, most commonly deer. The sign here in the photo is to limit individuals that come to the area not to disturb the wildlife around them, this is shown through the sign “PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAILS!” and visual representation for people to walk along the trails as they observe nature in this area. Prohibiting dogs and bicycles protect the animals further, whereas dogs can physically and emotionally affect the area, with noise, their smells, and their presence. Bicycles also disrupt the physical nature of the environment, such as tire tracks on trails and destruction by riding over homes of animals. However, with this preserve hiding in sight and lying so close to a main road, the preserve is filled with noise pollution. The noise of traffic fills this small area to enter the park, forcing many animals to stay farther within the trees of this preserve during rush hours. How can we expect people to treat these environments with kindness when they do not know what lies within it? How can we teach communities to respect and protect all aspects of their environment, even the ecosystems that aren’t protected like this one? This photo is a prime example to teach others how we as humans can protect the planet, we all share as a home, as this photo displays the beauty of the ecosystem and the preservation of life on land.  
The playground allows for children and parents to relax and enjoy the nature around them in the park. Water fountains and garbages are provided to the visitors of the park. The behaviors of the community follow the regulations to keep the park safe, however although the park protects the habitats of the wildlife, does the commotion of the community disturb the environment more than it does protect it? How can we protect the animals and land, yet bring in noise and construction within the park only to appease the human community?
In the photo of the Rye Nature Preserve, a river flows under the bridge during the first entrance to the area. As this preserve lies right off a main road the water can become cluttered with leaves, dust, dirt, and even garbage littered from the road. This area looks unbothered however the life of this water is being disturbed by the community’s presence right on the other side of the trees. In autumn leaves on trees change color and fall, in this photo we see leaves falling into the river however what else lies below the water? Is there life below water in this ecosystem? How can we protect it from outside invasions of contamination? 
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