A degree does not secure a job.

Academics is not the gateway to securing a job but it is simply a tool that can depict your social status in a community. The image above shows men at work some of which have associates and bachelor’s degree not confined to an office but they have to be outside working in the heat. The image clearly shows men driving around this heavy machinery, trying to get their tasks done before the sun goes down. Being that they have high degrees, and the unemployment rate is high, they have to depend on these types of jobs to make and honest living. Having spoken to the contractor who was the head of the operation, these men are beneath them and are not paid based on their degrees but by the hours that they work. Most days they only work about 4-5 hours a day which is not even enough to pay their utility bills. this is why learning a vocation is beneficial because they are able to work 4-5 jobs a day and make 4 times a much as what an ordinary worker with a degree would get paid for the week.

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Solar installation

At a first glance the photo shows men at work and heavy machinery. However if you look closer the photo depicts young men installing and wiring solar panels. Utilizing the vocation that they have learned to develop their business and contribute to Belize’s sustainability. This image is essential to our research because it shows how we can turn vocational learning into some greater like opening our own business. This also ties into the aim of our company where we want to ensure that youths get quality education and are able to uplift themselves and their families thus elevating Belize’s economy. This imagine is perfect for Visualizing the benefits of Vocational learning to youths. It not only shows the work that they do but it relays a message that no matter who you are or where you come from, you can still contribute to Belize’s economy and livelihood of it’s people.  Furthermore, lack of Quality education exist because of the corrupt systems and debt that our country is facing, social issues such as poverty also plays an essential role in keeping our Belizean youths stagnant. However, we want to break that cycle by ensuring that young people have an opportunity to be contributors to sustainability and have an impact on society. If we want a bright future then we have to rise above our social issues. This picture just goes to show how talented we can be if we invest in our youths.