Traditional Medicines

The image shows the process taken to prepare herbal remedies. The common Belizean name for this plant is the Polly Red Head. It is also known by its Maya name, Ix-canan, which means “guardian of the forest.” The plant is used to treat all types of skin problems including, sores, rashes, wounds, burns, itching, etc. Herbal medicines are an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. 

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San Ignacio Market

It is a typical Saturday Morning at the San Ignacio market where locals and vendors interact with each other as they purchase locally cultivated products such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants and much more.

The liveliness and diversity of the local San Ignacio market offers the best location for building communities. The wonderful multitude of vendors that gathers at this marketplace  are essential for keeping and securing the practice  of herbal preparation, agricultural and cultivation activities. Our business HerbaTrade intends to promote and monetize the businesses of these vendors in an amicable and beneficial manner.