Becoming an Independent Individual

Men busy working at their job site. These men learned the trade of welding and are welding different items. If youths learn a trrade they will be able to have their own business like the owner of this welding shop. These youths will be able to become successful entrepreneurs at an early age which will be a great benefit for them. It is important to teach these youths the importance of becoming entrepreneurs and learning the benefits gained from having their businesses. Many times, youths believe that they are not able to accomplish their goals due to different obstacles that hold them back. Therefore, some choose the path which they believe is the easier path and which will give them a better life. But it is not so. Youths think like this because some of them are mostly surrounded by individuals who influence them to make bad choices instead of encouraging them that everything is possible if they set their mindset to it. We need to create support groups that visit homes and assist these youths. So, they can become triumphant women and men.

Julie’s Final Result of her skirt

Future Successful Entrepreneur

Wow! A 12-year-old girl displaying a skirt sewn by herself. Allowing children and youths to feel encouraged to learn a trade because it will help them to become fruitful entrepreneurs as they grow. These children and youths need someone to motivate them because they are able to do great things in life.


Nice Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables has been collected from the farm. The owner has had the chance to gather his own fresh fruits and vegetables to use at home to make different meals. If children and youths learn a trade in this case farming, they will be able to plant their own cultivations and use them for themselves. They will also be able to use them to sell them at the market which will benefit them in earning their own cash. Learning a trade will provide these children and youths to learn and to be able to earn a living which will benefit them in the present and in their future. Also, it allows these youths not to think about joining other groups such as gangs that could ruin their life. Youths tend to join these types of groups because there is no one to speak to them and motivate them to make the right choice in their lives. We need to come out and seek for these youths that need from us and give them a chance to have a brighter future.


Children under the Poverty Line

Children who live under the poverty line are spending most of their time playing games due to the lack of having a quality education. Their parents are not able to afford for them to have an education. Therefore, they do not have the opportunity like other children to attend school and learn. Our business provides children with different trades that they can learn and become knowledgeable of that trade which they will benefit from as they grow. Our business will assist these children who lack financial aid and are willing to learn a trade so they can help themselves and their families doing the right thing. Many times, children are not able to have quality education due to different reasons. For example, their parents do not have stable jobs so they are not able to pay for their children’s school fees or parents do not support them to follow their dreams. In order to help these children, we can encourage them and support them with any financial assistance they need for them to become successful individuals.