And of course! Industry. Businesses, knowingly or unknowingly, work hand in hand and heavily rely on each other. With this being said, through the introduction of our business, we strive to build other industries. This photo taken on Cony Drive, shows why Belize City still is the ‘key’ economic player in the country, where many businesses situate themselves here. On a similar note, we believe through the birth of our industry, many other industries would be born leading to higher employment rates and the need of more, specialized individuals; hence placing and end to brain drain.



Innovation, the image demonstrates one of Belize’s most prestigious schools, Saint John’s College Junior College. This could demonstrate innovation, because many may relate school and technological breakthroughs along with other innovations. Throughout the years, SJCJC has been improving and catching up with the outside world, hence dubbed ‘one of the most prestigious schools within Belize’. The reason this photo was taken is because, we aim to have institutions such as this, be the lead in the innovation movement within Belize, and through the use of our Business many of these individuals would be needed. Hence, this would cut down on Belize’s plaguing issue, Brain Drain.



What can be observed is development, the development of other businesses and other infrastructure that may directly or indirectly influenced through the introduction of our business. This demonstrates our goal of ‘Industry, Innovation and infrastructure’ where the industry and infrastructure subtopics are heavily emphasized. This situation exists because Belize is a developing country, and hence the word ‘developing’ where many untapped markets have yet to be captured.



The demonstration of poverty as a result of brain-drain and corruption. As it relates to our business venture, we aim to eliminate brain-drain which is a cascading effect leading to other issues such as poverty, corruption and other negative effects. This situation exists because of the lack of innovation, infrastructure and industry. What can be done about it is promote innovation, infrastructure and industry through the startup of business venture.