Anthropology in New York

Taken December, 2021. This picture exemplifes that gap between poverty and

wealth in New York City. Due to Covid-19 vaccine mandates, many state and city employees have quit their jobs, forcing the few amount of workers to work in only specific areas. This is the case in the waste management industry. Trash pickup has only been occuring in the more affluent areas in the city such as the Upper East side, and many other areas are left to diminish.

Taken August, 2021. This picture exemplifies that toll that many small businesses had to endure following the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many small businessed were forced to close down due to the lack of customers from the lockdown mandates, and overall, owners couldn’t keep up with rent. Sadly, this small business was forced to shut down for many months and has since had trouble opening back up due to the lack of employees.