Learning is Everywhere: Streets of NYC

This photo was taken July 25, 2021 in New York City, New York, USA.

This photo may seem like a city view at first glance. There are signs in foreign languages. The US can be known as “the melting pot.” There are multiple different cultures, religions, and languages practiced in this country. New York City is a mini “melting pot” because one can walk down a street on the grid and find food trucks, stores, companies, and restaurants with different products and different languages. There are opportunities to learn about the history of these architectural structures and businesses. Lastly, one can learn geography, by walking along the streets of NYC or their area. New York City gets a large amount of tourists every year. They have plenty of opportunities to learn new things and learn from people who they pass on the streets. To fully learn, one must go out on the streets and inquire.

Herbal Vendor in San Ignacio 2

Herbal Vendor in Belize

The image portrays a local herbalist at the San Ignacio market in Belize. The local vendor continues his family’s practice of making “bush medicines” for treating common ailments. In Belize, traditional medicinal practices are in danger of dying out as fewer locals are interested in the benefits of herbal medicines, and there is also less interest by the younger generation to continue the practice of preparing herbal remedies.



Traditional Medicines

The image shows the process taken to prepare herbal remedies. The common Belizean name for this plant is the Polly Red Head. It is also known by its Maya name, Ix-canan, which means “guardian of the forest.” The plant is used to treat all types of skin problems including, sores, rashes, wounds, burns, itching, etc. Herbal medicines are an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. 

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Becoming an Independent Individual

Men busy working at their job site. These men learned the trade of welding and are welding different items. If youths learn a trrade they will be able to have their own business like the owner of this welding shop. These youths will be able to become successful entrepreneurs at an early age which will be a great benefit for them. It is important to teach these youths the importance of becoming entrepreneurs and learning the benefits gained from having their businesses. Many times, youths believe that they are not able to accomplish their goals due to different obstacles that hold them back. Therefore, some choose the path which they believe is the easier path and which will give them a better life. But it is not so. Youths think like this because some of them are mostly surrounded by individuals who influence them to make bad choices instead of encouraging them that everything is possible if they set their mindset to it. We need to create support groups that visit homes and assist these youths. So, they can become triumphant women and men.


Nice Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables has been collected from the farm. The owner has had the chance to gather his own fresh fruits and vegetables to use at home to make different meals. If children and youths learn a trade in this case farming, they will be able to plant their own cultivations and use them for themselves. They will also be able to use them to sell them at the market which will benefit them in earning their own cash. Learning a trade will provide these children and youths to learn and to be able to earn a living which will benefit them in the present and in their future. Also, it allows these youths not to think about joining other groups such as gangs that could ruin their life. Youths tend to join these types of groups because there is no one to speak to them and motivate them to make the right choice in their lives. We need to come out and seek for these youths that need from us and give them a chance to have a brighter future.

A degree does not secure a job.

Academics is not the gateway to securing a job but it is simply a tool that can depict your social status in a community. The image above shows men at work some of which have associates and bachelor’s degree not confined to an office but they have to be outside working in the heat. The image clearly shows men driving around this heavy machinery, trying to get their tasks done before the sun goes down. Being that they have high degrees, and the unemployment rate is high, they have to depend on these types of jobs to make and honest living. Having spoken to the contractor who was the head of the operation, these men are beneath them and are not paid based on their degrees but by the hours that they work. Most days they only work about 4-5 hours a day which is not even enough to pay their utility bills. this is why learning a vocation is beneficial because they are able to work 4-5 jobs a day and make 4 times a much as what an ordinary worker with a degree would get paid for the week.