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Creativity is our Secret.

While the word closes its door on the historical museum and art galleries, the AIM Center team has curated tech-savvy ways where the public can access the online creative collections while catering to the audience with an amazing virtual tour.

To end the stigma related to decolonization and elucidate mental oppression that has resulted in the post-colonial area, AIM Center provides an online platform. In this virtual museum, the youth of this generation can showcase their creative talent in the form of art. As per our beliefs, the youth has been most affected by mental oppression but fails to acknowledge it, which hurdles their social and emotional healing.

Therefore, AIM Center has devoted itself to thinking anthropologically and applying anthropology to empower youth, to help them create voyeuristic archives using their creativity and imagination, navigating alternative healing systems.

The virtual museums around the world like the one at the AIM Center enable the public to delve into historic glory from their homes' comfort. From ogling at the most extensive collection of impressionist and post-Impressionist works virtually displayed at Musée d'Orsay, Paris, to appreciating the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, and other ancient wonders at British Museum, London, these virtual tours are just a fingertip away!


AIM Center:
What's in it for you?

Discover the beauty of human diversity and promote positivity by exploring anthropology. Unveil the unspoken stories through custom imagery in our virtual museum, where a single picture speaks volumes.

Art has long been a powerful force against social and cultural challenges. The AIM Center adheres to these principles:

  • Creative Freedom: Unleash your creativity, and we'll showcase it to the world.

  • Intellectual Diversity: We amplify various perspectives to be seen and heard.

  • Education for Liberation: We believe in the power of education.

  • Building a community: Embrace the goodness in others and work together as a community.

Join us on a journey to better understand humanity and champion positive change.

Individual Expressions

Virtual museums will become worthless if the creators and their creations are not appreciated and implicated by the public. Hence, we allow the participants to upload their creations based on specific emotional and social themes for the public to view.

Furthermore, our team has been working to increase public trafficking by inviting people to explore our virtual museums' creative art and science.

If any of our virtual art gallery works reverberate with you, we encourage you to select the content that inspires you the most.

Remember, all of the proceeds will go to their creators.


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