New York MTA 11/05/2023

The MTA trains in the pictures above highlight
SDG goals 8 and 9, as the R train line to Manhattan is currently closed due to recent station renovations. The fact that the train headed toward Manhattan only went at specific stops intrigued me. Particularly, five stops: Northern Bloverad, 65th Street, 49th Street, Steinway, and 36th Street. For the past month, they have been doing this on the weekends without stopping at these local stops. In order to make using the MTA trains safer, this highlights SDGW 9 based on the innovations of these stops, mending the tracks, and the train stop area overall. It modernizes industries and infrastructure to make them more sustainable.These innovations result in temporary delays for people getting where they need to go. Additionally, this is displaying SDG goal 8, which is providing employment opportunities for these construction workers and fostering economic growth.