Chicken soup, the OG homemade medicine. Often rooted in centuries-old traditions and wisdom, embracing the healing properties of nature. Families and communities around the world have relied on the knowledge of home remedies to alleviate common ailments, recognizing the power of ingredients like herbs, spices, and natural elements. While these remedies may not replace modern medicine in all instances, they often serve as complementary approaches, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency and empowerment in managing one’s health. Homemade medicine is a testament to the human capacity for resourcefulness and the enduring belief in the healing potential found in the simplest gifts of the Earth.

John Jay College 11/28/2023

These photos, which were shot recently around the John Jay community, depict the display of SD 9, as work is being done inside the sewer system to repair pipeage close to the college. Additionally, there appears to be smoke emanating from a pipe near the college. This could have negative effects on our society’s infrastructure in the long run due to potential air pollution issues. Following this, statistics of the air quality in New York City compared to other major cities like California or Houston Texas are significantly different. Manhattan’s pollution on the day with the lowest air quality this year. During the peak hour, particulate concentrations rose to 41, a level deemed “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” Conducting research on this can show the usage of sdg 9 in our city but also its detrimental effect for the present and the future.

Quality Education

Caption: NYU is a prestigious university, ranking #9 in “best education schools ranking of 2023”, and they’re widely known for their excellence in the arts as well as in business. They have numerous buildings in Manhattan and a great number of students, 62% to be exact, come from the top 20%. The students were constantly walking around to get class and leisurely hanging out at the park. Although this was a place of great education, it was also a place that many students took time to mellow out.

Caption: This is Maspeth an area where 19 people per 100,000 people face assault in  and the school in the area has 3.9/5 and is in area of the middle and working class. The school,P.S.229, is a k-5 school and there’s is no noise and violence in this entire neighborhood. The area is safe and nurtures it students, as I was one of them many years ago when I was a child. This was taken to show how a suburban area with low rates of violence and that’s not in poverty, leads to safer and better education. 

Caption: This is PS229 and despite the spray painted concrete and sad looking building, It was a safe place for kids to go to. I myself went here for Kindergarten and never faced any violence or form of harassment. Again, this is a K-5 school so I see kids of different ages walking to this school with their parents all the time. Later in the day, many kids play recess outside without any fear of getting harmed and they provided with equipment to play.

Caption: Yet another image of the quiet-suburban area of Maspeth. The streets are mostly clean and the school buses pick up the children without any fuss. This entire area promotes safety and healthy life style. This an environment that should encourage your child to go to school and build relationships so that they can play outside and obtain knowledge.